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Hotpot Palace combines traditional Chinese culture and Western cuisine with elegant décor and stylish ambience, aiming to present the best of the best while staying creative. We have created a cozy dining atmosphere for all Chinese hotpot enthusiasts, inviting all to taste fresh seafood, top-grade beef, and organic vegetables with a great variety of delicious soup broths.

Our chefs handpick the highest quality ingredients daily, including fresh import seafood, delicate meats, and organic vegetables, as well as seasonal appetizers and desserts. Hotpot Palace’s sommelier will help you find the best wine to pair with the tasty hotpot cuisine, elevating your experience to the next level.

We have three private dining rooms accommodate groups from 10 to 12 and one semi-open barroom.






Sharing isn’t just caring; it’s also an important part of the Chinese culinary culture that transcend through centuries. Whether it’s a family dinner or a friends’ gathering, the best way to enjoy fresh ingredients is to cook them in a simmering tabletop hotpot. Since the very beginning, hotpot has been popular all over Asia; assimilating the culinary cultures from Northern China, Canton, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, hotpot cuisine has developed a variety of soup broths and toppings, transforming the essence of hotpot - fresh fish, top-grade meats, and vegetables, into tasty indulgences.

Hotpot Palace combines hotpot cuisines from various origins, and presents a great selection of featured soup broth, exquisite import delicacies and fresh local ingredients, so people can enjoy different styles of Asian hotpot in North America.

親朋好友聚首一堂,圍著熱烘烘的火鍋,將新鮮食材放進熱湯邊煮邊食,不但是中國過千年的飲食文化,更是確保品嚐鮮嫩食材的最佳方法。自古以來,火鍋風行亞洲,從中國北方流傳到廣東、香港、台灣及日本等地,演變出不同湯底、食法和調味配搭,融合各地食客口味及食材風格,將火鍋之神髓 — 鮮魚、鮮肉及蔬菜,幻化成層出不窮的美味享受。