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Blending the best of hotpot from different origins, we provide a wide selection of soup broths, whether it’s light and appetizing, rich and tasty, spicy and exciting, or healthy and enriching, we have got you covered. Hotpot Palace presents nine delicious featured broths, made with fresh meats and vegetables that wonderfully pairs with different tastes and hotpot toppings, to ensure a memorable experience for all.

Szechuan Style Hot-Spicy  $6.5/S  $13/L    

Made with a fine selection of Szechuan pepper, Chinese herbs and spices, this broth is prepared with a supreme broth base to create a sophisticated taste. Spiciness level can be adjusted.

Pepper, Pig Stomach & Pork Broth $6.5/S  $13/L

Seasoned with a hint of white pepper, this broth provides the warmth and comfort needed in cold seasons.  This could also help with body cleansing.  

Tom Yum Soup  $6.5/S $13/L

A traditional hot and sour soup base in Thai cuisine prepared with galangal, tamarind, lemongrass, green onion, sour lemon, chilly and fish sauce. Tom Yum soup is an ideal broth for all kinds of seafood. 

Sukiyaki   $6.5/S $13/L

This soup like sauce is tailored for Sukiyaki, a Japanese beef hot pot, made with soy sauce, sugar, Mirin, and sake etc. A perfect companion to meat, vegetable and mushrooms, could mix with raw egg when consume.

Macau Style Pork Bone Soup  $6.5/S  $13/L

Made with our secret recipe, this luscious pork bone soup is rich in collagen, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. This could also help with skin revitalization and promoting bone health.

Pork Bones & Tomato  $6.5/S  $13/L

This pork bone broth is seasoned with fresh tomatoes and vegetables, creating a tasty and memorable aroma.



Half & Half  $6.5/S  $13/L

Your choices of two types of broths in one pot.